Please see below for the policies under which SRPC makes these resources available:

Unfortunately, SRPC is not set up to lend out hard-copy materials (books, bound reports, etc.).  However, partners, clients, and stakeholders are more than welcome to make an appointment to come in and review materials in-person.

SRPC makes its resources available as part of its planning mission, but is not a dedicated library institution.  As such, SRPC is not exempt from US Copyright Law, and thus can only offer reproductions from freely-distributed works.  However, many of the works we hold in digital format were written with unrestricted distribution in mind and we would be more than happy to share copies of those items.  Furthermore, for works that we cannot reproduce, we often can provide assistance in locating public and academic libraries that might be of more direct assistance.

Digital/Paper Copies
Digital: For freely-distributable works that we hold in digital format, we are happy to share copies electronically free of charge, although requests for a significant number of references may incur a moderate cost to cover the staff time required to properly fulfill them.
Paper: We are also happy to provide paper copies of our digital works for the cost of printing.  We can provide black and white copies for $0.05 per page, and color copies for $0.15-$0.20 per page, depending on ink usage.  Long print jobs (25+ pages) are eligible for a 20% discount if printed double-sided.