Catalog Summary

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Catalog List Mar-12-2018

Catalog Explained
This catalog lists the title and call record for each entry cataloged.  The call record is a combination of a work’s Dewey Decimal Number, Author (last name if an individual, acronym if an organization), and Publication Year, listed in that order.  In some cases (such as with periodically published reports) additional information (e.g. detailed publication date, time range encompassed by the report, draft or version numbers, etc.) is included in the call record to differentiate a particular report from its neighbors.

Resource Descriptions
Resources are further differentiated by media type and/or storage method.  Hardcopy books, reports, files, etc. have a call record as described above that starts with a Dewey Decimal Number.  Items stored separately from the main hardcopy library include a prefix in the call record.  For example, oversize books have a call record that starts with “OVERSIZE” and continues with the Dewey Decimal Number.

Currently, we have four separate collections whose call records begin as follows:

-Standard hardcopy works

“OVERSIZE   123.456”
-Oversized books/reports, kept separate due to shelf space limitations

“DISC   123.456”
-CDs or DVDs in normal jewelcases/envelopes, kept separate to limit loss/damage*

“DIGITAL   123.456”
-Books, reports, etc. stored solely in digital format on our internal server**

Resource Locations
Standard hardcopy works- central shelves (if not kept for reference by individual staff members)
CDs and DVDs- on top of central shelves
Oversize items- on top of central shelves
Digital items- on the server in the “J:\Library\Digital Library” folder.

For more details, see the Catalog Details page.

*Not all CDs and DVDs are stored separately from other hardcopy items; if the discs are packaged in such a fashion as to be about the size of a small book (such as in a medium-sized folder) they are stored with the normal books.

**Works that are stored in both hardcopy and digital formats may have a call record without any prefix, as typically the digital copy was added after the hardcopy version.  If looking for a digital copy of a particular work, either:
1) browse by the Media Type “Digital” and scan the resulting page for the work of interest,
2) or search for the work from the front page of this online database and note at the bottom of the item record the text that says “This entry was posted in…”; any item that has a digital copy will say “This entry was posted in Digital“.