This WordPress site acts as an online, searchable database for the reference works held by the Strafford Regional Planning Commission.  These works include textbooks, journal articles, reports, DVDs, etc. pertaining to the areas in which SRPC staff work, including but not limited to regional and municipal planning, development and environmental impacts, transportation infrastructure management, community outreach, and climate/weather readiness.

Holdings are a combination of digital and hard-copy works.  Digital files are maintained on a local server, while physical items are housed at the office.

This on-going cataloging effort is funded in part by federal PL funds, for which SRPC is supremely grateful.

This effort was undertaken with our partners and stakeholders in mind as a way to reduce time and money spent during day-to-day operations while improving quality of final work products:

  • By reducing time spent looking for specific items we are able to improve staff efficiency and lower costs for our myriad projects.
  • By determining reference availability and augmenting where necessary, we are able to improve staff education and awareness, thus improving the quality of the work we provide.
  • By establishing a dependable list of available references, we are able to minimize training issues related to staff turnover by providing new staff with a list of primary resources designed to fill any knowledge gaps, thus minimizing inexperience-related shortcomings.