Younger Drivers Toolkit for Local Agencies

Title: Younger Drivers Toolkit for Local Agencies
Author: Renae Kuehl
Publication Date: August 2015
Dewey Decimal Number: 363.12513
Call Record: DIGITAL      363.12513  Kuehl  2015

This Younger Driver Toolkit for Local Agencies is intended to provide Minnesota local city and county transportation and
traffic safety engineering staff with the information needed to conduct focused presentations to engage local communities to
improve safety for Minnesota’s highest risk driving population—younger drivers ages 15-29. The Toolkit is structured to
first provide a foundation to understand the “why” behind younger driver severe crashes. Second, the toolkit features ideas
and resources to help educate and promote community engagement to reduce younger driver-related traffic deaths and
injuries. Toolkit outline:
Understanding Younger Driver Safety Challenges
1. The Importance of Driver Behavior to Improve Road Safety
2. Understanding Younger Drivers’ Attitudes and Motivations for High-Risk Driving
3. Minnesota Younger Driver Crash Fact Sheets
Resources to Promote Younger Driver Behavior Change
1. Example Community-Based Safety Strategies to Strengthen Younger Driver Safety
2. Public Service Announcement (PSA) Videos
3. Toward Zero Deaths (TZD) Partnerships
4. Younger Driver PowerPoint Presentation Template