US EPA SmartWay Transport Partnership Materials

Title: SmartWay Transport Partnership Materials
Author: US EPA
Publication Date: 2008
Dewey Decimal Number: 363.73927
Call Record: 363.73927  USEPA  2008

1 Magazine Article: “Environmental Compliance: Seeing Green”, Inbound Logistics Magazine
2 Presentation slides: Presentation to New Hampshire Regional Planning Commissions (January 30, 2008)
3 Booklet: “SmartWay Financing for Truck Owner-Operators”
4 Printout from EPA website: “SmartWay Transport Partnership” (February 1, 2008)
5: Fact Sheets: Partnership Overview, Frequently Asked Questions, Overview of Shipper Strategies, Overview of Carrier Strategies, Strategies- Freight Logistics, Idle Reduction, Intermodal Shipping, Success Story- Hannaford Trucking Company, Success Story- Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Success Story- RFX Inc and Refrigerated Food Express Inc