New Approaches to Ecological Surveys: A Synthesis of Highway Practice

Title: New Approaches to Ecological Surveys: A Synthesis of Highway Practice
Author: Cramer, Patricia C
Publication Date: 2009
Dewey Decimal Number: 639.93
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New Approaches to Ecological Surveys
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During all phases of the transportation planning, development, and operations process environmental data are needed to prepare environmental documents, obtain permits, design and construct road improvements, mitigate or avoid impacts, monitor mitigation, and conduct maintenance activities. The objectives of this synthesis were to survey transportation and natural resource professionals familiar with transportation systems to identify ecological survey needs related to transportation activities and to identify technologies, techniques, and innovative methods to fulfill those needs. These technologies, techniques, and methods, collectively called new approaches, include data collection, its analysis and delivery, how it can be used in planning and operations, and cooperative working relations. The audience for this synthesis includes transportation professionals responsible for planning, designing, constructing, operating, and maintaining transportation projects and the road corridor in an environmentally and fiscally responsible manner, as well as professionals in natural resource agencies and other organizations who work with departments of transportation (DOTs) on these issues. The synthesis is based on an electronic survey conducted in early 2008 that was sent to all state DOTs and state fish and wildlife agencies, and concurrent literature and new initiatives searches.

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Project 20-5 (Topic 39-12)




Cramer, Patricia C



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NCHRP Synthesis of Highway Practice

Issue Number: 400
Publisher: Transportation Research Board
ISSN: 0547-5570



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Appendices (2) ; Figures (2) ; Glossary; References; Tables (1)

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Design; Environment; Highways; Planning and Forecasting; I15: Environment; I20: Design and Planning of Transport Infrastructure