Highway Capacity Manual 2010: Interrupted Flow

Title: Highway Capacity Manual 2010: Interrupted Flow
Author: TRB
Publication Date: 2010
Dewey Decimal Number: 388.314
Call Record: 388.314  TRB  2010  v3

Accession Number: 01339003

Record Type: Monograph

Abstract: The Highway Capacity Manual 2010 (HCM 2010) is the fifth edition of this fundamental reference document. The HCM 2010 has been significantly revised to incorporate the latest research on highway capacity and quality of service. It has also been substantially reorganized. Volume 1: Concepts covers the basic information that an analyst should be familiar with before performing capacity or quality-of-service analyses. Its chapters cover the organization of the HCM 2010; modal characteristics; traffic flow, capacity, and quality-of-service concepts; the range of tools available to perform an analysis; guidance on interpreting and presenting analysis results; and the terms and symbols used in the HCM 2010. Volume 2: Uninterrupted Flow contains the methodological chapters relating to uninterrupted-flow system elements. All of the material necessary in performing an analysis of one of these elements appears here: a description of the process thorough enough to allow an analyst to understand the steps involved (although not necessarily replicate them by hand), the scope and limitations of the methodology, specific default values, level-of-service thresholds, and guidance on special cases and the use of alternative tools. Volume 3: Interrupted Flow contains all of the methodological chapters relating to interrupted-flow system elements. Its content is similar to that of the Volume 2 chapters. Volumes 2 and 3 are provided in both three-ring-binder and electronic formats to facilitate interim HCM updates as new research is performed. Volume 4: Applications Guide is an electronic-only volume (accessible at http://www.HCM2010.org) that includes four types of content: supplemental chapters, methodological interpretations, comprehensive case studies, and a technical reference library.

Supplemental Notes: The ISBN given is for the slipcased set of three volumes. The individual ISBNs are as follows: Volume 1 – 9780309160780; Volume 2 – 9780309160797; and Volume 3 – 9780309160803. The HCM 2010 comes with instructions for registering it in order to gain access to Volume 4.

Language: English

Corporate Authors: Transportation Research Board

Publication Date: 2010

ISBN: 9780309160773

Media Type: Print

Features: Appendices; Figures; Glossary; Photos; References; Tables

Identifier Terms: Highway Capacity Manual 2010

Subject Areas: Design; Highways; Operations and Traffic Management; I20: Design and Planning of Transport Infrastructure; I73: Traffic Control