Transportation and Environmental Justice

Title: Transportation and Environmental Justice
Authors: FHWA, FTA, DOT
Publication Date: 2000
Dewey Decimal Number: 363.731
Call Record: 363.731  USDOT  2000


Record Type: Monograph

Abstract: The report defines environmental justice as identification and addressing the effects of all programs, policies, and activities of all federal agencies on minority and low income populations. The case studies provide information on: profile of ways various transportation agencies have integrated environmental justice consideration in their activities to improve transportation decision making; documentation of both analytical and procedural issues relevant to a diverse transportation community including: federal, state, local agencies, transit providers, and other partnering government agencies, community organizations, environmental interest and environmental advocacy groups, businesses, academic institutions, and the public; and illumination of effective practices on how to better promote environmental justice principles.

Report/Paper Numbers: FHWA-EP-01-010

Language: English

Corporate Authors: Federal Highway Administration, Federal Transit Administration, Department of Transportation

Publication Date: 2000-12

Features: Figures; Tables

Subject Areas: Economics; Environment; Highways; Planning and Forecasting; Policy; Public Transportation; Society; I72: Traffic and Transport Planning